Council Plan Changes

I specialise in helping Councils in preparing and managing new plans and policy statements under the Resource Management Act.  I can help you in the following ways.

Independent Review

In many Councils there is little opportunity to get an independent review of plan changes from an experienced expert.  I undertake the following services, which for a small investment can potentially save considerable costs in dealing with unnecessary submissions and appeals later.  As far as I understand these are the only structured peer review service available.


Simple checking – This includes proof reading and checking of cross references of draft plan changes you have prepared.

Peer review – I am experienced in providing a second opinion on the context and effectiveness of draft plan changes and new plans for Councils. I have found having an independent assessment of plan changes can quickly identify and fix problems that may have resulted in costly submissions and appeals later on in the process.

Plan Change Testing – I test draft plan changes against various scenarios to make sure that changes do what they are indended to do and do not result in other unintended consequences. There is considerable value in having this work done by a third party independent from the plan preparation process.

Staff Training – I am a part time Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland and can assist you in staff training in plan preparation and processing

Plan Change Preparation

I also offer a range of services that enable Councils to develop plan changes without diverting core staff from other tasks. Councils get access to an experienced practitioner without the need to employ me full time. Plan changes are prepared and processed efficiently and with a reduced risk of challenge.


Background studies and structure planning - I assist Councils preparing background planning studies and structure plans that may form the basis of future plan changes.

Plan change preparation - I prepare plan changes, independently, or as part of the Council team.

Reporting on submissions on plan changes and proposed plans - I have considerable experience in preparing reports in submissions to plan changes and plan reviews.

Section 32 report preparation - I prepare Section 32 Reports independently, or as part of a Council team.

Processing private plan change requests - I manage the processing of private plan requests made to Councils.

Commissioner Services

I am an accredited hearing commissioner under the Resource Management Act. I am able to sit on hearings of submissions on any plan change that I have not been involved in preparing.