Resource Consents

I can assist in all aspects of project approval from initial advice on site selection and project design through to consent acquisition.

My resource consent application services include:

  • Impartial initial planning advice and consultation.
  • A site visit.
  • Checking of architectural plans or drawings as required so these can be amended to more favourably present your proposal.
  • Preparation of the Assessment of Environmental Effects which will address planning law and legislation and the effects of your proposal.
  • Use of national case law to strengthen your application.
  • Liaison with and submission to the Council.
  • Management of your application throughout its duration, with professional representation to the Council as required.


I also work in all areas of preparing and processing private plan changes.  


I'm happy to work with you to provide a professional service that will meet your budget and time frames.


To contact me about preparing a resource consent click here and type consent in the message box.